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The Sweets Shop is the 1st chapter of Kotoyama's Dagashi Kashi manga.

talks to his son, Kokonotsu about inheriting his title to him as the 9th head of the shop. However, Kokonotsu said to him that he won't inherit the business which made him cry.


Kokonotsu starts to point out to him that even if it sounds cool to be the next-in-line, he tells Yō to hire a part-timer instead. He said to his son there's no way someone would work and he became even more depressed about it and asked him what he wants to be in the future. Kokonotsu hesitates since he keeps his dreams of becoming a mangaka to himself and he fears that he will make fun of him.

Yō then finds Kokonotsu's unfinished work and gives detailed comments to him even if he read it without his permission. After that, Kokonotsu talks about his hometown and the people finding their own way to kill time,

Kokonotsu's hometown

Kokonotsu's hometown

whereas his way is manga because he thought his dad praised him once for his drawings. His dad then asked him which girl in swimsuit is his type. He answered the one in the black swimsuit for her huge breasts. Yō then decides to support his son's dream by giving his own manga to him as encouragement.

The manga Yō made was his son taking over the shop and Kokonotsu criticises his way of manga since it's only convenient for him. He further discussed the correct way of managing the shop and Yō tells him that he's a true genius when it comes to dagashi even though he's not trying to.

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