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*For more information about the dagashi, see Fue Ramune

Fue Ramune is the 11th chapter of the manga.

Saya asked Kokonotsu if he has done any homework while summer has started. He replied no to her and they heard a sound that something is coming.


It was revealed that the sound came from Hotaru, who was whistling with a Fue Ramune. While Hotaru talked about the snack, Saya was discussing how each one came with a free toy and Hotaru gave one to her. Saya showed the toy to Kokonotsu and Hotaru started to teach the history of Fue Ramune.

When she finished her lecture, Saya had no idea what she was talking about and Kokonotsu saw her true lesson: to show how great dagashi are by inciting him to take over the shop again. While they are about to argue, Saya stopped them by agreeing Hotaru's point and Hotaru did not think of anything else besides Saya's support.

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