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Menko is the 12th chapter of the manga.

With the air-conditioner still in repair, Hotaru suggested to Kokonotsu and Saya to play Menko.


Before they started to play, Saya asked if there are any rules about the game and Kokonotsu told her the basics:

  1. Strike the cards on the ground with your own cards.
  2. If you're good enough, you can collect as many cards as you like.

When Saya was about to use her card, Hotaru and Kokonotsu was talking about the many ways on how you can play with it while Saya was able to flip a card in one try. The two were intimidated by what Saya did and Hotaru was the next to play. She used her "Second Dance" technique to flip two cards and she trained for two years to perfect it.

After three hours, Kokonotsu was not able to flip at least one card while Saya was looking around the cards near to her. She picked up one and used the "Diagonal Cut" to flip three cards in one go. The two were shocked, making Hotaru to address Saya as Saya-shi.

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