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Ramune is the 13th chapter of the manga.

It starts with a short history of Ramune as told by while Hotaru and Kokonotsu was listening to him.


When Yō finished his story, Hotaru thought of it as a masterpiece although Kokonotsu thinks it's a lie to show it to the kids visiting the shop. Hotaru then further discussed about the drink and had a toast with Yō. Kokonotsu was suggesting if they went to the beach and sell Ramune with Hotaru, it would benefit the shop.

What Yō actually thought of is having Hotaru walking around the beach in a swimsuit selling Ramune and she was going for it. Kokonotsu then says his sorry to a historical figure by inadvertently using Ramune as an excuse to see her in a swimsuit.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • This entire chapter was not adapted into the anime however only the history of Ramune was adapted with Hotaru talking about it instead.
    • The cover page was also used as an eyecatch in the second episode of the anime.
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