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Cocoa Cigarettes is the 14th chapter of the manga.

and Kokonotsu are somehow stuck on a rock in the middle of the sea which is far from the shore; Yō tried to swim back but he drowned himself.


One hour earlier, Yō thought of his wife who currently lives with her parents' house and has not forgotten his mistake he made to her. He then asked Kokonotsu if he's getting closer with Hotaru and his son rejected it even though he can clearly see "it"

Yo reflecting his mistakes

Yo thinking back

right through him. Kokonotsu tried to avoid the conversation by skipping stones to the sea but failed. Yō did the same thing sideways but he accidentally threw the keys to the shop into the sea by mistake. He then swam to the sea to find the keys and Kokonotsu followed as well. Yō drowned on the way and both ended up on the rock they found.

Yō was disappointed with no progress between Kokonotsu and Hotaru and he offered Cocoa Cigarettes to him; he also thought his son's knowledge would make him the next heir, however he still refuses about it. He already knew Kokonotsu's answer and told him there's still time for him to decide and he makes sure that Kokonotsu decides what's best for him. Kokonotsu accepted his offer and both swam back to the shore and broke the front door lock instead.

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