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*For more information about the dagashi, see Popping Fortune-Telling Chocolate

Popping Fortune-Telling Chocolate is the 15th chapter of the manga.

has the urge to become popular with girls and Kokonotsu was on the same page as him.


Tō asked Kokonotsu on what makes a guy popular with girls and Tō also read from his sister's fashion magazine that girls love fortune-telling. With that, he brought Popping Fortune-Telling Chocolate to test if what he read was true.

They start off with 'Health' and Tō got a double circle (◎) wherein it means he will have good health. The next one was 'Homework' where Tō admitted he hasn't done any homework since summer started and the result was a cross (✕). Tō was amazed on how it works and Kokonotsu sees why girls are into it. One more thing Tō wanted is to see was a girl's panties by determining the next result.

When Tō popped it for the last time, Hotaru found the two and she thought that she was interrupting them. She came there since she heard voices and told them that she will be waiting at the shop. When she turned around, whether it's clear or not, they saw "it" and they didn't mind seeing the final result.

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  • In this chapter, Tō's glasses were shattered when he saw Hotaru's panties although it was not present in the anime.
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