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*For more information about the dagashi, see Bin Ramune

Bin Ramune is the 16th chapter of the manga.

At night, Kokonotsu caught Hotaru and doing an exchange of "powder" in the shop.


The "powder" Kokonotsu saw is actually Bin Ramune; he also wondered where it came from and Yō admitted that he's eating all of it.

Hotaru defended Yō by saying the powder is 100% legal and it doesn't give withdrawal symptoms even though it made him more suspicious of them. She then gave Kokonotsu a bottle and told him to slurp in one gulp. When he did slurped it, Kokonotsu coughed and Hotaru already expected this since from her experience most people will get the same thing. She tried to give the dagashi a good look but she keeps on giving it a bad image because of what she treats it as. Yō also gave good points about it but he's still sensitive when Kokonotsu points out that he eats all of it before they can sell it.

Yō then left the shop and vowed to return with a clean state and Hotaru wished him good luck until the next morning Kokonotsu realised what they actually did to him.

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