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*For more information about the dagashi, see Kozakura Mochi

Kozakura Mochi is the 17th chapter of the manga.

Kokonotsu received a text from trying to remember about a dagashi that is pink and square with fewer numbers.


Kokonotsu then finds Kozakura Mochi, the one Tō was talking about; he was shocked by the current pieces of it and he's wondering how many of them were before until Hotaru came to help him.

She told him that it used to have 18 pieces but as time goes by, every three pieces are removed until there are 12 currently. Kokonotsu was down about it even though Hotaru feels the exact opposite when she asked him if it provides less satisfaction now than before. When she used the toothpick in the packaging of it, she skewered all of the pieces and ate them simultaneously.

He saw the charm of dagashi through sharing its memories and Hotaru supported it by giving thanks to dagashi shop owners who can create those memories. She was happy that someone like Kokonotsu decided to take over the shop although he's not taking it over.

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