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*For more information about the dagashi, see Tamago Ice

Tamago Ice is the 18th chapter of the manga.

Hotaru asked Kokonotsu if he likes boobs and he was shocked.


Kokonotsu's initial answer is he like boobs because he is interested in them; he also sees men who look at them as childish and Hotaru love him. When she was about to leave, he confessed and admits that he loves boobs more than anything else. Her response was throwing a Tamago Ice to him and he was confused when the boobs she was referring to is the dagashi itself.

Hotaru then tells him to eat it first and it exploded in front of him. He also started an argument with her that it looks like a bomb since their tips are like fuses. Hotaru did not agree with him and said that you cannot eat bombs and boobs are just boobs. She draws her conclusion by eating it and when it exploded, she realised why it is like a bomb and he also understood why it can be referred to as a boob.

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