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*For more information about the dagashi, see Waku Waku Smartphone.

Waku Waku Smartphone is the 19th chapter of the manga.

Three boys bought dagashi at the shop and they are going back to meet "the boss". Kokonotsu then followed them without thinking.


At the park, Kokonotsu saw "the boss", also known as Hotaru who commended them for doing their task. She told them that the dagashi is their bond, belonging to their group and one of the boys tried to return the change but she doesn't need it. While the boys are praising her, she called Kokonotsu using a Waku Waku Smartphone and got word that the dagashi hunters have arrived.

Hotaru described to them as adults who buy all of the dagashi which are supposed to be for them and claimed that they are enemies. She then distributed a piece of the dagashi to the boys and one of them suspected that how was she able to make calls even though they bought it back at the shop. The three boys then fought over it and they even talked about how bad Kokonotsu is behind the back.

Another boy doesn't want to think like the others and Hotaru said that Kokonotsu has the will of a dagashi store owner greater than anyone else and she respects him. Those words made Kokonotsu happy and he played along with Hotaru's act and told the boys to hide since the dagashi hunters are coming. When they did it, Kokonotsu and Hotaru exchanged a handshake and the boys thought what Hotaru said was true all along.

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