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*For more information about the dagashi, see Umaibō

Umaibō is the second chapter of the manga.

As the father and son are about to fight on who will look out for the store, Hotaru enters the scene to test Kokonotsu's knowledge of dagashi.


When she entered, Kokonotsu's first impression to her was cute and he told his dad about her presence even though he left him. Hotaru asked him again if she's in the shop and questions about his father since he is a local celebrity. She then introduces herself as the daughter of a famous candy manufacturer, Shidare Company who seeks to be the best of candy manufacturing.

His first impression towards her changed at the moment she introduced herself and thought that she's a weird person. Hotaru then starts doing her dagashi-related behaviours by introducing Umaibō to him. She used it to know how much dagashi Kokonotsu knows and when he combined three flavors of the dagashi, she was impressed by him; making him her rival for the rest of the story.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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