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*For more information about the dagashi, see Seven Neon.

Seven Neon is the 20th chapter of the manga.

At Café Endō, and Kokonotsu are playing card games while Hotaru wanted to have a chat with Saya.


During the chat, Hotaru was wondering about the relationship between Saya and Kokonotsu and Saya thought that Hotaru has feelings for him. Hotaru's actual question was why she hasn't seen Saya eating a dagashi and she was confused. To understand dagashi, Hotaru brought out Seven Neon and she was already restless to see Saya eating it.

When Saya ate it, they began to talk about dagashi. An important point Hotaru said is to be able to enjoy them for a long time and Saya now sees Hotaru as a cool person which surprises her. While they are talking, Tō and Kokonotsu see them having a good time with each other.

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