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*For more information about the dagashi, see Sakura Daikon.

Sakura Daikon is the 21st chapter of the manga.

Hotaru said to Kokonotsu that she's from Osaka and he was wondering why she's eating rice now.


She also told him that she can talk in a Kansai dialect but she refrains from doing so although she can't help it. One example is when she saw a Sakura Daikon, she refers to it as a Tsukemono and Kokonotsu doesn't get her at all. Hotaru also taught him that there are many dagashi deeply rooted to a given geographic region.

After having a bite of the dagashi, see referred to it as Tsukemono again and she wanted to have rice with it even though she has a bowl with her. Kokonotsu is now frustrated of Hotaru's act and she pointed out that you can find ways to eat that defy common sense when it comes to dagashi.

Hotaru then reveals she's not from Osaka at all and left the shop thanking for the meal. Kokonotsu saw his bowl of rice now empty and the rice cooker has no rice as well, implying that Hotaru went to the shop to eat rice with dagashi in the first place.

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