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*For more information about the dagashi, see Monster Stamp.

Monster Stamp is the 22nd chapter of the manga.

woke Kokonotsu up and talked about summer and radio callisthenics.


When Kokonotsu went to the front door, the three boys are back since "the boss" told them to come although she overslept. After Hotaru arrived, they had warm-up exercises and she tells everyone to line up to get their cards stamped. Kokonotsu was wondering about something stamped while

Overslept Hotaru

Overslept Hotaru

everyone else gets their own stamp with Hotaru's Monster Stamp.

One of the boys was asking where Kokonotsu's card is even though he has no idea what is its use. When another boy told him he actually doesn't have one, all of the boys including Yō made fun of him. To settle it, Hotaru placed a stamp on Kokonotsu's face and he decided from then on to wake up early.

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  • Though this chapter was not adapted, the pajamas Hotaru wore in this chapter was seen in Episode 10 of the anime.
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