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*For more information about the dagashi, see Yanyan Tsuke Bou.

Yanyan Tsuke Bou is the 23rd chapter of the manga.

and Hotaru were debating if Yanyan Tsuke Bou is a dagashi or not.


Kokonotsu wants to go back to his room although both of them tell him not to. Hotaru then tells him to remember the definition of dagashi where the "da" is from the word "odachin". When he realises this, she points out that it has a high cost of 120 yen. Without hesitation, Kokonotsu concludes that it's not a dagashi because of its price.

When Hotaru pulls out a stick, she asks him a question found in the stick. Yō answers it and Hotaru reveals that every stick has a quiz to play and learn at the same time. Afterwards, Kokonotsu sees it as a dagashi and both of them asked if they can display it in the shop. Kokonotsu accepts it and they jumped for joy even though their main goal is to sell it.

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  • "Odachin" is a small sum of money given to a child. It is also known as "tip" or "reward".
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