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*For more information about the dagashi, see Bontan-ame.

Bontan Ame is the 25th chapter of the manga.

At the shop, Hotaru was looking for Kokonotsu to see if he took over the shop now until she saw instead.


She asked Tō on what dagashi he likes and he gave a vague response making her doubtful. Tō asked the same thing to her and Hotaru's answer is she loves the concept itself where he gave the same answer to her first question. To Hotaru, she thinks Tō is testing her especially when he's having a hard time unwrapping a Bontan-ame.

Kokonotsu came back at the moment when Hotaru accepted Tō's challenge and both were ready. Hotaru pitched the Bontan-ame towards Tō's mouth and Kokonotsu's was worried about him. When Tō ate it, he said it was delicious and Kokonotsu has no idea what they are saying to each other.

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