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*For more information about the dagashi, see American Cola.

American Cola is the 26th chapter of the manga.

At Hotaru's house, Kokonotsu was there since she invited him and she thought that he's her rival.


Kokonotsu was already nervous because he visited a girl's place and he already started to think dirty thoughts. At the moment Hotaru came back later with new clothes, Kokonotsu saw her mouth having bits of dagashi and he tried to regain composure. While

Hotaru's other outfit

One of Hotaru's other dresses

she was preparing tea, Kokonotsu saw "something wonderful" and he's enduring his struggle. After she finished preparing, the tea Kokonotsu tasted is actually American Cola and Hotaru wanted to mix every flavor together. When she drank the cola with every flavor mixed, her reaction is blank and Kokonotsu tried to drink it as well until he regrets doing it.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Differences in the Anime[]

  • Most of the chapter was adapted into the anime but there are changes seen.
    • One is Saya being with Kokonotsu while he was concerned for Hotaru's health.
    • The dress Hotaru also worn in this chapter was changed to the one used in Chapter 22 and it was used in the first scene of Episode 10 instead.
    • The most notable difference is Hotaru not realising that the medicine she made is actually American Cola when she's ironically trying to stop eating dagashi.
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