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*For more information about the dagashi, see Chou Himo Q.

Chou Himo Q is the 27th chapter of the manga.

Hotaru was playing with a long-stringed dagashi in front of the shop while both Kokonotsu and Saya were wondering what is she doing with it.


Hotaru first asked them about a time if they were scolded during a meal for playing with your food. She then introduces the Chou Himo Q and she wanted to play it with Kokonotsu. When she tied two pieces of the string, Hotaru gave a dare to him while they are about to pull and if the first one breaks the string, that person will have to inherit the shop.

It ended in a draw and Saya tied a piece of her own. Hotaru then whirled the stringed dagashi with excessive force and at the moment it broke and flew, Kokonotsu got it by biting it with his mouth. After he fell to the ground, Hotaru was impressed with what he did and she wanted him to take over more.

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  • The stringed-piece Saya made on her own is the Tokyo Tower in Hotaru's perspective.
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