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*For more information about the dagashi, see Watapachi.

Watapachi is the 28th chapter of the manga.

Hotaru discovers that she has a mouth ulcer and Kokonotsu felt bad for her.


Initially, Hotaru thought her lack of sleep or stress is the reason even though Kokonotsu was telling to her that eating dagashi is the actual cause of it. She brushes off Kokonotsu's point and she wanted to eat Watapachi badly despite having the condition. Kokonotsu then warns her because if she eats it, the pain will get worse although Hotaru ignored him. After she ate it, Hotaru felt the pleasure of eating it and Kokonotsu kept his mouth shut.

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  • In the anime, her condition got worse and it swelled up to her entire right cheek until the end of Episode 10.
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