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*For more information about the dagashi, see Beware of Sour Grapes

Beware of Sour Grapes is the 29th chapter of the manga.

Kokonotsu was playing video games and tried to help him to get the secret item.


Kokonotsu failed to get it and Tō sees that he's similar to a certain someone. While Hotaru's in the shop, she took out a pack of Beware of Sour Grapes and wondered if Tō's cosplaying one of the dagashi's mascots (because of the sunglasses). She then gave more insight of the dagashi to them and told Kokonotsu to use them to decide wether he's going to take over the shop.

Hotaru took the middle piece since she can tell that the position of the sunglasses mascot refers to the sour piece. Kokonotsu then remembers the three boys talking about it and he doesn't believe them which doubted Hotaru's choice. When all three ate it, Kokonotsu and Tō got the sweet pieces while Hotaru has the sour piece even though she tried to hide it.

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