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Potato Fry is the third chapter of the manga.

Hotaru expresses that the ideal snack to eat outdoors is Potato Fries and agrees with her. While they are talking about it, Kokonotsu explains why they are outside, specifically at a small shrine.


Back at the Shikada Dagashi, Kokonotsu told his dad that he's going out for a bit, however he saw Hotaru outside waiting for Yō. Both exchanged a handshake and Yō ordered him to bring the snack and meet up at the shrine.

At the shrine, Hotaru and Yō are eating the snack and they exchanged information about it while Kokonotsu is in the background. When they are done, Yō asked her if she's Kokonotsu's girlfriend but she told him that they are rivals. Yō then recognises her as the daughter of the Shidare Company and expresses a great future of the shop if Kokonotsu was going out with her. Hotaru tells him that she already has a love interest and she points to Kokonotsu, but the snack's mascot, Pochi-kun is actually the one referring to.

Hotaru then tells them the real reason why she came, to give Yō work at the company. Yō refuses since he grew up in the shop and he cannot leave it until Kokonotsu takes over. Kokonotsu has no intention of doing so, making Hotaru find ways to convince him to take over and give Yō his job.

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