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Cabbage Tarou is the 30th chapter of the manga.


Hotaru showed to Kokonotsu the Cabbage Tarou and he thought that she's going to buy it. Hotaru resists from buying it since she can't decide to pick a flavor. She then asks on which is the real Tarou based from the diverse range of snacks. Kokonotsu responded with one of its mascots working at a company who got many promotions that became the CEO of that company.

Hotaru referred his answer as the "Office Theory" with tears of joy. She also gave additional information about the mascot and she accepted his answer. Just as the Tarou mascot as Hotaru mentioned, she told him that they have to work hard to become like Tarou in running the shop. Kokonotsu realized her scheme again but in a good way.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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