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*For more information about the dagashi, see Kinako-bou

Kinako-bou is the fourth chapter of the manga.

A boy from town went back to the shop saying that he won after eating a Gorigori-kun and Kokonotsu gave another one to him. When he stretched his arms, he saw the front door opened vigorously and Hotaru was there with the boy and she thought that the boy was shoplifting.


Moments later she realised her misunderstanding and started to talk about dagashi, specifically Kinako-bou. She states that the world of dagashi is a battlefield and each one has its own plan to show its beauty to the customers.

After eating some of the Kinako-bou, the dust of it fell down to her chest and Kokonotsu was nervous to see it even though she wanted him to look at it. She told him the real problem of it which is she cannot eat an entire piece. Kokonotsu tells her to eat it and have her left hand under it to get the dust. When she did eat an entire piece, she ate six more and coughed but she had Ramune to drink.

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  • The cover page was used as the first eyecatch in the first episode of the anime with the only difference having a background
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