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*For more information about the dagashi, see Namaiki Beer

Namaiki Beer is the fifth chapter of the manga.

While Kokonotsu was drawing his manga, tried to call him but he thought that he will just do all the work.


At the moment when he heard his dad who is actually talking to Hotaru, Kokonotsu went down thinking that someone wants to see him even though Yō left the shop again and went to the pool. As he was outside, Hotaru walked to him and discussed about his father's irresponsibilities inside the shop. Her suggestion was developing a new dagashi but Kokonotsu's reason is his dad neglecting his own work to the point where he thought he's depriving his own freedom. 

She gave her point about how adults have their own responsibilities, thoughts about family etc. Since they are in their teens, her request was wanting to become an adult with him and she wanted to do it raw but safe. Until she gave him Namaiki Beer, he was embarrased. Hotaru then teaches him how it's done and after that, they had a small party. At the end of the chapter, she was drunk of the non-alcoholic drink.

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