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*For more information about the dagashi, see Morocco Fruit Yogurt

Morocco Fruit Yogurt is the sixth chapter of the manga.

Hotaru asks Kokonotsu if he's been to Morocco even though he didn't actually went there and she discussed about Morocco Fruit Yogurt.


She talked to him about her experience there and learned a truth - there are no elephants in Morocco. They had snacks which is the one she taught to him and he pointed out that the snack does not come in different flavors. She was shocked because from his perspective, the different colored lids makes the person thinking that they are different, but they actually don't.

then came in to talk about the name of the yogurt. He said to them the name is Morocco since it's somewhat near to Bulgaria, a country well-known for it and the container looks like an elephant's foot. One symbolism he thought was children will grow up as kind as elephants.

They were both shocked on his thoughts and he has no idea why they're like that.

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  • Yō claims that Bulgaria and Morocco are close even though in real life each one is located in a different continent
  • The dagashi featured in this chapter was seen at Episode 10 where Kokonotsu tried to entice Hotaru with it despite having a mouth ulcer.
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