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Coffee Milk Candy is the seventh chapter of the manga.

asked Kokonotsu why he came to his family cafe, Cafe Endō, and Saya served to Kokonotsu a cup of coffee.


Kokonotsu nervously tells the twins about Hotaru being pretty and weird with a love of dagashi, making Saya anxious at his words. When Tō teases him, he thinks he's like an open book and his sister was already depressed at him. Tō already knew that his close friend was dense in the first place even though Saya loved him since they were kids.

His friend asked her for another cup, she then placed a lot of sugar and taunted him that her coffee is bad and she is willing to listen more of his story. When she was done, Kokonotsu drank the entire cup. Kokonotsu tells her that he doesn't like to drink coffee but he likes to drink her coffee since it is made in her own family cafe.

Before he left, he gives to her Coffee Milk Candy because he knew that she doesn't like sweets but she loves coffee. When Kokonotsu was gone, his brother teased her again and she beaten him to a pulp.

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