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Young Doughnuts is the eighth chapter of the manga.

While Saya was going home by bike, she saw someone in an accident at the field.


The one who was in an accident asked Saya if she's alright and Saya was thinking that something is wrong with her. Hotaru then takes a shower at Saya's house while she finds clothes. Tō came back home and wandered around there until he met a naked Hotaru. Saya misunderstood what she saw and pushed Tō away. She then asked Hotaru if her brother did anything wrong and Hotaru introduced herself naked to him.

At the cafe, Saya gave a cup of coffee to Hotaru and she was happy to be in a cafe for the first time. Saya's impression to her was about to change until she was eating Young Donuts. She also asked her where she lived but her response was meeting the "Legend" (Yō) and the "one who shall continue the legend" (Kokonotsu). The only thing Saya understood was that Hotaru isn't a bad person.

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  • The cover page is used as an eyecatch in the first episode of the anime.
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