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Dagashi Kashi (だがしかし) is a Japanese manga series by Kotoyama. It has been serialized in Shogakukan's shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday since June 2014 and has been collected in tankōbon volumes.

"Dagashi Kashi" means "cheap sweets candy" and also name of a Japanese band, but if read differently, it also means "however". [1]


The manga follows Kokonotsu, a 15 year-old who wants to be a manga artist but his father, wants him as the next successor of the Shikada Dagashi. Then they have a heated argument until Hotaru, the daughter of Shidare Company, shows up and tries to help him convince Kokonotsu to be the next successor and let Yō work at the company.


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Kokonotsu Shikada[]

(鹿田 ココノツ Shikada Kokonotsu)

The main protagonist. His dream has been to be a manga artist ever since he was a little child, when he showed a picture he drew to his father. Because his father complimented him, the desire to be a manga artist stirred and stayed. However his father wants him to be the 9th head of their sweets shop, despite his son's constant attempts to tell him otherwise.

Hotaru Shidare[]

(枝垂 ほたる Shidare Hotaru)

A girl from the city whose father owns a world famous sweets company. Since she will one day inherit the company, she desires to make it the best sweets company in the world. She is often amazed by Kokonotsu's uncanny ability to create and design the perfect sweets without even trying.

Yō Shikada[]

(鹿田 ヨウ Shikada Yō)

Kokonotsu's father. He is desperate to make his son 9th head of the shop so that his legacy will continue. He agrees to Hotaru's bargain that if she can convince his son to be the next head of his shop, he would become part of Hotaru's company.

Tō Endō[]

(遠藤 豆 Endō Tō)

Older twin brother to Saya and a good friend of Kokonotsu. Usually dressed like he's on a Hawaiian vacation, his family runs a cafe named "Cafe Endō".

Saya Endō[]

(遠藤 サヤ Endō Saya)

Younger twin sister to Tō and a good friend of Kokonotsu. Working at her family's cafe, "Cafe Endō", she has an interest in Kokonotsu.

List of Chapters and Volumes[]

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An anime television series adaptation by Feel was aired from January 7, 2016 to March 31, 2016. [2]

Light Novel spin-off[]

A light novel adaptation titled ''Dagashi Kashi: Mō Hitotsu no Natsu Yasumi'', written and illustrated by Manta Aisora, was published in a single volume by Shogakukan on December 18, 2015 under their Gagaga Bunko imprint. [3]


When the anime adaptation was announced, the first 2 volumes of the manga sold 450,000 copies total averaging 200,000 sales per volume. As of the publication of the 4th volume last December 2015, 1.2 million copies were sold. After the first episode aired, sales increased to 1.6 million copies with each volume averaging 400,000 copies per volume.[4]

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