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"Buta-men, Kuru Kuru Bou Jelly, and... / Bontan-ame, Seven Neon, and..." (ブタメンとくるくるぼーゼリーと… / ボンタンアメとセブンネオンと…) is the third episode of the anime. It originally aired on January 21, 2016 and the English dub was aired on February 24, 2016.

Featured Dagashi[]

  • Butamen
  • Kuru Kuru Bou Jelly
  • Bontan-ame
  • Seven Neon


Hotaru, along with Tō, arrive at the shop on a hot day and decide to boil water inside the shop to make butamen. While Hotaru insists that eating the snack in sweltering heat is the best way to enjoy it, Tō admits to Kokonotsu that he's only here to fantasize about Hotaru while she sensually eats the snack. Once the air conditioning breaks, Kokonotsu tells Hotaru that some dagashi might go bad due to the heat, the three decide to go to the pool while Tō contacts Saya about the meetup.

Kokonotsu and Tō meet Yō (as a lifeguard) and the girls at the pool; it is then revealed that Yō and Hotaru conspired the pool meeting in an effort to once again bring Kokonotsu closer to sweets. When he saw a "No Food or Drink" sign, they forgot to remove it and the plan backfires even though dagashi was planted by the pair in the pool.

The next day, Hotaru arrives at the shop to find Tō and not Kokonotsu, who is busy moving dagashi that might have gone bad from yesterday. Hotaru attempts to strike up a conversation with Tō about dagashi, but mistakes his aloofness towards the subject as a challenge. This culminates with Hotaru fast-balling candy into Tō's mouth as Kokonotsu stumbles upon the scene with no context and an air-conditioning repair crew. Kokonotsu makes Hotaru stay with Saya at the cafe shop and the two hit it off.

Differences Between the Manga and Anime[]

  • Tō did not arrive at the shop and he also didn't contact Saya to join with them at the pool in the manga.[1]
    • Because of that, Saya did not appear in the 10th chapter.[2]




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