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Exercise is the first tale of the Dagashi Kashi series.


A naked woman named Hotaru Shidare has to get out of the shower. She puts on a bra and panties. After all that candy, she runs off to the kitchen to get more candy. In the kitchen table, Hotaru picks up some candy. She has to make sure she doesn't poop her panties. She picks up the right candy to put in the bag. At the gym, Hotaru exercises in spanish making sure she doesn't get fat. She gets chubbier and chubbier. Luckily, Hotaru's belly gets more fat and Hotaru is chubby. Her belly button is showing on her fat belly. Soon, Hotaru finds a pool for her to swim in due to her fatness. She gets out a dino inner tube and floats in the water. The company wants to take over the world and Hotaru has to get dressed.

Around the office, she is wearing her casual clothes. After all she sits down in the chair and gets a visit from the bringer.


Don't eat too many candy or you'll get chubby.