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Potato Fries

Potato Fries' flavors, featuring Pochi-kun in the white pack

Potato Fries (ポテトフライ) is a discontinued dagashi by TOHO-SEIKA. It costed 25 yen and was circulated in Japan for 25 years until its end last May 2013 due to small demand. The announcement made 100,000 tweets about it, YouTube video tributes, and even farewell snack parties.[1] One of the featured mascots is Pochi-kun, Hotaru's favorite mascot.

In the Series[]

It appeared in Chapter 3 of the manga and Episode 1 of the anime. Hotaru tells that the fried chicken flavor is



best eaten when outside. Her recommendation of eating it is by eating all pieces at once since it intensifies the texture. When Yō asked Hotaru on who is her type, she pointed at Kokonotsu, but the one she's pointing at is actually Pochi-kun on the dagashi Kokonotsu is holding. One scene only found in the manga which did not appear in the anime is Yō showing to them Pochi-kun's face on his back by contracting his muscles.



French Fries Series[]

  • Fried chicken (フライドチキン味)
  • Teriyaki burger (てりやきバーガー味)
  • Corn potage (コーンポタージュ味)
  • Octopus grilled mayonnaise (たこ焼マヨネーズ味)
  • Calvi Shoaji (カルビ焼味)
  • Spicy spicy chicken (辛辛チキン味)
  • Salty butter (じゃが塩バター味)

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