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 Tō Endō (遠藤 豆, Endō Tō) is a good friend of Kokonotsu Shikada and the older twin brother of Saya Endō.


Similar to Saya Endō (Tō's younger sister), Tō has short golden hair that is parted to the right side and brown eyes that are blocked by his signature black sunglasses.

His wardrobe consists of a Hawaiian shirt and simple trousers.


Tō is a very laid-back person with a smug attitude at times. He's also shown to be quite perverted since he often talks about the breast sizes between Saya Endō and Hotaru Shidare, also that he wants to look at girls' panties.


Not much is known about Tō besides the fact that he and Kokonotsu Shikada used to be classmates back then. Tō also looks out for the café when his sister is not around.


Tō's Question to Kokonotsu at the Café[]

One day at Café Endō, Tō asked Kokonotsu Shikada why he came to the café. With his response of meeting a girl who is pretty and weird with a love of dagashi, Tō teased him. Tō knew that Kokonotsu is like an open book and he's quite dense around girls especially to Saya Endō.

At the Pool[]

Tō joined with Kokonotsu Shikada at the pool because the shop's air-conditioner was broken. While they were there, he saw Hotaru Shidare in a swimsuit and told to Kokonotsu that he will not attend cram school even though it doesn't actually exist.[1]

Popping Fortune-Telling[]

Tō has the urge to become popular with girls where he asked Kokonotsu Shikada on what makes a guy popular with them. According to his sister's fashion magazine which he borrowed, girls love fortune telling.[2] He then tested it to show that it's true. Tō was amazed by the results and he wanted to know the result if he and Kokonotsu can see a girl's panties. When he used it for the last time, Hotaru Shidare saw them since she heard voices and she turned around. At the moment she turned around, Tō and Kokonotsu saw "it" which they didn't mind seeing the final result. [2]


Saya Endō[]

Saya is Tō's younger sister whom he likes to tease about her love interest, Kokonotsu Shikada.

Kokonotsu Shikada[]

Kokonotsu is Tō's friend who used to be his classmate.

Hotaru Shidare[]


  • The name means "bean/beans, peas" (豆).
  • Tō's surname Endō means "distant, far" (遠) (en) and "wisteria" (藤) (/).


  • Tō also looks out for Cafe Endō.


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