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Shikada (鹿田 ヨウ, Shikada Yō) is the current owner (8th Head) of the Shikada Dagashi Shop and the father of Kokonotsu Shikada.


Yō is extremely passionate about dagashi and frequently participates in animated conversation about candy with Hotaru when she visits the Shikada Dagashi shop. His love for dagashi is so great that he often can't help eating entire stocks of candy from his own shop. He is generally considered immature and strange to the point where he is known as a 'celebrity' by the local community. He enjoys teasing his son Kokonotsu, about his relationships, manga and is generally seen trying to convince him to inherit the store. Additionally, Yō is quite irresponsible, as shown when he often leaves the store unattended, forcing Kokonotsu to tend to customers, or when he frequently refuses to cook a proper dinner for himself and Kokonotsu in favour of eating dagashi.


Kokonotsu Shikada[]

At the start, Kokonotsu used to hide his true goal of becoming a mangaka from him since he will make fun out of it. When Yō found his son's manga, he gave detailed comments about it and Kokonotsu was embarrassed because he didn't ask permission from him. As time goes on, they understand each other more when Yō accepted his decision of being a mangaka and he told him that there's still time to stick together until Kokonotsu's sure of what's best for him.

Hotaru Shidare[]

When Hotaru met Yō, she will follow what he says to have Kokonotsu run the shop but it always backfires as seen in Chapter 10 of the manga. If they are not planning schemes to make Kokonotsu to inherit the shop, they eat dagashi together and exchange information about it.


  • Yō's surname Shikada means "deer, venison" (鹿) (shika) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).